Unemployment Insurance Appeals Commission

**UPDATE REGARDING OPERATIONS DUE TO COVID-19: The Unemployment Insurance Appeals Commission (Commission) remains open and will continue to accept and process appeals.  If you intend to file an appeal, your appeal should be filed within the deadlines set forth on the ALJ Decision. In order to protect public safety, our offices are not open for filing in person. We will continue to accept appeals by US Mail, e-filing, email and by fax at the locations specified in the Contact Us section below. For directions on how to file a new appeal, please follow the E-Filing Protocol located in the RESOURCES section below. To submit requests for written/oral argument and additional evidence as well as rehearing/reopening requests, please file those by email at LEO-UIAC-Info@michigan.gov. Please follow the Email Filing Protocol also located in the RESOURCES section below. 


The Unemployment Insurance Appeals Commission (Commission) created in Executive Order No. 2019-13 has full authority to handle, process, and decide appeals filed under Michigan Employment Security Act Section 33(2). An appeal to the Commission from the decision of the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) or from a denial by the ALJ of a motion for a rehearing or reopening shall be a matter of right by an interested party. The Commission, on the basis of evidence previously submitted and additional evidence as it requires, shall affirm, modify, set aside, or reverse the findings of fact and decision of the ALJ or a denial by the ALJ of a motion for rehearing or reopening. The Commission also handles Applications for Transfers of matters pending before the ALJ, including applications for transfer to the Commission or another ALJ.

How Are Matters Handled By The Commission?

With respect to appeals, the Commission conducts its review of both factual findings and legal conclusions under a “de novo” standard. In effect, it is not bound by the findings of fact or conclusions of law reached by the ALJ, deciding those matters anew. Parties to appeals may request permission to submit written and/or oral argument and/or additional evidence, which the Commission may or may not grant. The Commission may also require one or more parties to participate in a hearing or to submit written or oral information to it. The majority of cases before the Commission are decided without resorting to a hearing.

Appeals To Higher Court

You may appeal a final order or decision of the Commission to circuit court within 30 days after the mailed date of the decision.

An appeal of a final decision to circuit court can be filed in the county in which the claimant resides or the circuit court of the county in which the claimant’s place of employment is or was located, or, if a claimant is not a party to the case, the circuit court of the county in which the employer’s principal place of business in this state is located.  Application for review shall be made within 30 days after mailing a copy of the order or decision by any method permissible under the rules and practices of the circuit courts of the State of Michigan. Circuit court claims of appeal are to be filed with the clerk of the appropriate circuit court.

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