UK-based flood insurer to launch in US

“FloodFlash is aiming to augment the flood insurance market in the US by using its parametric technology to make flood insurance available to businesses that can’t get coverage anywhere else,” the company said.

Despite the prevalence of flood risk in the US, less than 5% of small to mid-sized businesses carry flood insurance, FloodFlash said.

US launch

Mark Hara, CEO of North America for FloodFlash, will launch coverage in five markets initially – Florida, Virginia, Texas, Louisiana and California. Hara previously held positions with Bold Penguin and Mylo.

“I’m excited to bring this simple, tech-enabled flood insurance to the businesses that need it most,” Hara said. “FloodFlash can provide excess coverage, fill deductibles or cover what other policies do not – providing a coverage option for those with nowhere else to go. It’s a delight to be working with forward-thinking brokers who are dedicated to solving client problems. Together we will help address the flood coverage gap that impacts every single state.”

Parametric flood coverage

FloodFlash launched in 2019 and provides parametric flood insurance for businesses of all sizes. Customers choose a depth and payout amount for their policy, and when flooding reaches the depth selected, the insurance pays out – typically within 48 hours. In November, the company paid a claim in just four hours.

Last year, FloodFlash raised $15 million in Series A funding.

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