Reader reaction: Readers applaud state attorney general

Editor’s note: The following reader reaction is in response to the New Mexico attorney general’s efforts to nullify anti-abortion ordinances recently passed by Clovis and Roosevelt County:

City Commission not representative

We all knew this was coming.

When the meetings discussing this were held, one side of the issue brought out facts and warnings of swift, inevitable legal action while the other cited Bible verses and hurled insults.

The Clovis city commission claims to have listened to both sides and still chose to irresponsibly put the city of Clovis into harm’s way. Eight people decided the fate of our city; and while there is an active effort to overturn this locally through the election process, I can’t help but think how all of this could’ve been avoided had it just been voted down — or better — never introduced at all.

The out-of-state author of the ordinance claimed he would represent our city pro-bono. Let’s hope he’s a man of his word. Either way, any judgments against the city will be at our expense.

All of this for a short-sighted, symbolic “victory” that — as I’ve come to learn – does not represent what the majority of Clovis wants or believes in.

Just because your beliefs match the obnoxiously loud minority doesn’t mean you get to infringe on the personal liberties of a rural community.

It especially doesn’t mean that you can use their hardworking taxpayer dollars to fight your battles.

The citizens of Clovis deserve to be heard on this topic and it’s becoming increasingly clear the city commission isn’t willing to listen. I applaud the AG for taking swift action on this constitutional infringement.

As for the commissioners: You reap what you sow.

Victoria Robledo


Rights of allneed protecting

I am a resident of Portales and Roosevelt County. I am the mother of a daughter and four granddaughters. I am also retired Air Force with nine years active service and 16 years as a reservist.

I served my country to protect the rights of all citizens, of all races, of all religions, even no religion, and all sexes or orientations.

I did not serve my country to let my daughter and granddaughters have fewer rights than I.

Debra Martin


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