Popeyes employees say they still haven’t been paid, offered “payout loans”

Latoya Williams says she wants her son to accept no less than the full amount he is owed.

TEMPLE, Texas — A week later, Popeyes employees at the West Adams Avenue location say they still haven’t been paid.

Latoya Williams has been vocal in her support for her son who works at the location and says it’s not fair to any of them that they’ve gone this long without being paid.

“They really think they can just get over people, like, not paying them or whatever, but for me like, it’s not gonna happen. Not on my account,” Williams said.

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Williams said she reached out to Popeyes Corporate, Sun Holdings LLC, the owner of the location on West Adams, and the Texas Workforce Commission. No one has helped her and her son out.

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She told 6 News that the Popeyes location offered a “payout” loan of $400 to her son that he would have to pay back and that’s the best offer they’ve made.

She said she’s told her son to absolutely take nothing less than the full amount he is owed.

“It’s not gonna happen,” Williams said. “I told my son not to take the pay out or whatever. They owe him money. Why do you have to give him back something that’s already owed to you? It doesn’t make sense.”

Williams says there’s been no word or promise of pay. Williams says it’s gone too far and any attempts to compensate employees don’t feel genuine.

“Y’all [Popeyes] don’t want to be on blast. They’re trying to make it seem like they’re trying to help but they’re really not trying to help. They sent someone from Dallas to try and remedy the situation, but it just feels like a stunt.”

But Williams says she will continue to stick up for the workers until someone helps them out.

“I’m not only speaking for my son. I’m speaking for the others as well because it’s just not fair,” Williams said. “They should be willing to give everybody that pay out thing. It should be like, okay, this is what I can give you out of my pocket or I can write you a check for this amount of money. I know that ain’t gonna cover what we owe you, but here’s something towards your bills or something. They’re not even trying to do that.”

Sun Holdings LLC has yet to reply to 6 News for comment.

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