Officials establish insurance village in Fort Myers to assist hurricane victims

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Insurance companies are trying to get people checks they’ve been waiting on.

Walter Pilkons went to the event for help. He said, “we had 106 inches of water in the house, total loss of contents, but the house stood up, and that left us in this funny in-between area. Do we need to knock it down? Or not?”

Pilkons has significant damage to his house from hurricane Ian.

He’s not the only one, John Sutorius said, “I brought in paperwork to justify to replace the entire roof. They looked at that, they looked at the letter from our roofing contractor, and immediately went in, took a little while on the software, but they paid me the same amount the roofing company is gonna charge to replace my roof.”

Nelson Villaverde works for the bureau of investigations. Villaverde said he was happy to be able to help.

“We’ve been seeing consumers coming in that are still needing assistance from either their insurance companies or don’t understand the process, or they’re waiting on payments or submitting supplemental claims,” he said.

People said they were pleased with the event. “I think ultimately they went over every issue I have, which is pretty significant. They assured somebody would be back in touch with me with some answers within 24-48 hours,” Randy Landers said.

If you didn’t make it out today, tomorrow is the last day. They’ll be at FSW again from 9 AM to 6 PM. Remember to bring your insurance policy information with you.

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