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BUENA PARK, Calif., Jan. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Sun West Mortgage™ and Celligence™ CEO, Pavan Agarwal, spoke at the New England Mortgage Expo. He discussed topics ranging from blockchain technology to Celligence’s™ groundbreaking artificial intelligence program, Morgan™. Gone are the days of babysitting your loan, with Morgan™ Loan officers can break free and focus their time on helping more borrowers buy the home of their dreams.

During the blockchain panel, Mr. Agarwal discussed blockchain and AI technology. Although the rest of the panel asserted the technology would be here in ten years, Pavan explained that Celligence™ has already created an integrated blockchain and AI platform with Morgan™. The technology is here and Celligence™ is the industry leader. Pavan explained that Sun West has had Morgan in production for over four years and has been publicly using it for over a  year, and how Sun West will launch Morgan’s crypto wallet and blockchain based loan origination in Q2 of this year. Sun West Mortgage™ has decades of technological expertise, and truly understands that blockchain is here and an invaluable tool in the banking industry. Pavan advised “Take the red pill. Understand that the technology is here today and don’t fight the technology, embrace it and use it to multiply your business.”

The following day Mr. Agarwal showcased Morgan™’s one-of-a-kind problem solving skills. No other artificial intelligence platform is anywhere near the same technological capabilities as Morgan™. Other platforms act as a simple chatbot, while Morgan™ can actually process a loan. According to Pavan, Morgan™ is years ahead and he achieved this through constantly evolving his technology throughout the decades. Morgan does to loan origination what Apple did to the cellphone. Even with the advent of smartphones, mortgage loan originators are still bound to their laptops. Pavan emphasized that with Morgan™, mortgage professionals will be able to work with far less constraints. Now originating a loan will be as simple as having a text message conversation. In fact, Christopher Kelly, a loan originator at Sun West Mortgage, was in the audience and he explained to the event how, during the presentation, he, in real time, released a CD and scheduled closing of one of his borrowers simply by talking to Morgan and he didn’t miss a moment of the presentation.

Pavan has made it clear- do not fear technology, accept it and use it to improve your business. Artificial intelligence is not here to take away your job, rather, to make your job easier and more efficient. A mortgage loan originator’s main goal should be to help as many borrowers as possible by closing as many loans as possible and Morgan™ makes that possible.

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Celligence is an affiliate of Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. (Sun West), one of the largest independent, privately owned financial services companies. As one of the fastest growing fin-tech companies, Celligence provide exceptional service, technology, and product innovation.

At Celligence, a team of brilliant engineers are continuously filing new patents and expanding the boundaries of the financial services industry through innovations in mobile applications, customer acquisition and retention algorithms, and AI based process automation.

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