Mexican Authorities Told Lawyer’s Wife He Was Shot in Head, Attorney Says

The wife of California public defender Elliot Blair, who mysteriously died on holiday last weekend at a Mexican resort, says she was initially told by police that her husband was shot in the head before falling two stories. “The cop at the scene—the lead investigating officer, he’s in plain clothes wearing a badge around his neck, tells Kim that there’s a bullet hole in Elliot’s head,” Barnett said. “And that kind of starts this whole thing with the violence of it all.” But Mexican authorities have since said there was no evidence of “violence” or gunfire at the scene. They contend Blair, 33, accidentally fell two stories to his death from a balcony at Las Rocas Resort and Spa in Baja California on Saturday. Case Barnett, the family’s attorney, told the New York Post that a report from the local coroner’s office said Blair’s death was due to “head trauma” and that they recommended to prosecutors his death be ruled a homicide. Blair’s family say they’ve hired private investigators to probe the tragic incident, which happened during a trip to celebrate the Williams and Blair’s one-year wedding anniversary.

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