Lawyer runs off with 81-year-old woman’s home, she says

Juliette is an 81-year-old widow whose home of 28 years was facing foreclosure. A pair of realtors listed her home for sale and after two months on the market they got an offer that would net Juliette tens of thousands of dollars from the equity in her home and be able to move in with her sister.

But as the realtors were running title work while closing the deal, they found out Juliette had signed a Quit Claim Deed after they’d already listed the house! According to her, a shifty attorney pressured her into signing away her home for just $2,000.  

Juliette has lived in the home for three decades. Last year, her husband passed away and Juliette was looking to sell her home. She contacted realtor Cooper Brown who, along with her agent partner Armen, told her she could sell her home and make tens of thousands of dollars thanks to the equity.

On Aug. 26, 2022, with her daughter present, Juliette entered into an agreement to list the house for $375,000.

“The home was on the market for two months. We managed to get the buyer’s contract all signed and completed and iI had a feeling I had to get a second, pre-title work done on the home,” Brown said. “They found the quit claim deed owned by Reunion Properties.”

That deed is owned by attorney Moe Eid. A quit claim deed gives the house to Eid’s client, Reunion Homes for $10,000.

“I was so upset that day, and he came in, and I didn’t have any groceries, I didn’t have any money,” Juliette said. “I feel like a fool.”

Watch what happened as Rob Wolchek investigated, in the player below at 10 p.m.

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