John Paul Jones Said John Bonham Never Got the Credit He Deserved With Led Zeppelin, but He Wasn’t 100% Right

Led Zeppelin was like a championship baseball team — every member was essential to making the magic happen. Guitarist Jimmy Page and singer Robert Plant commanded much of the spotlight. Bassist John Paul Jones and drummer John Bonham didn’t receive as much credit for Zep’s music. Those in the know understood Bonham was different from his peers, but Jones said his rhythm section cohort never got the credit he deserved as a songwriter. The only trouble with that is that Jones isn’t 100% right.

Led Zeppelin members Jimmy Page (from left), John Bonham. John Paul Jones, and Robert Plant in 1969.
(l-r) Jimmy Page, John Bonham, John Paul Jones, and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin in 1969 | Chris Walter/WireImage

John Paul Jones said John Bonham never received much credit for helping to write Led Zeppelin songs

Bonham was a revolutionary drummer even before he plied his trade with Led Zeppelin. He formed a vision for his drumming when he was still a fledgling player — to have his drums complement the guitar instead of taking a back seat to it. Page was the perfect guitarist to make it a reality. His goal for Led Zeppelin I was to make it a showcase for the entire band. Bonzo made his presence felt in the first few seconds of Led Zeppelin’s debut. He continued to do so as the band achieved worldwide fame and sold millions of albums worldwide. 

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