Frozen Fat Fondo Fest is back at Credit Island in Davenport

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – Rain, shine, snow, or slim, fat biking is a year-round venture and it’s moments like this that bring joy to those who live it.

“It’s wonderful, it’s exciting for us, it’s a, this is one of our big events for the year for the friends of Off-Road Cycling,” Dave Bowman, Secretary of Friends of Off Road Cycling said. “And it’s very exciting for us to see this, It’s just wonderful to see the turnout we get every year for this event.”

Mandy Griesenbeck, Forc Race and Event Coordinator says this isn’t your everyday mountain bike race.

“This is a totally different kind of race,” Griesenbeck said. “Your temperatures are colder, your terrain is different, you’re riding a heavier bike with fatter tires, these tires are built to go over the logs, bigger logs, bigger terrain, bigger rocks.”

Competitive, yes but some riders share other perks about why they come here.

“adventure,” Jacob Spath, Bettendorf resident said. “Put the fun between your legs, just send it.”

“It’s super fun,” Dan Adams, Davenport resident said. “It’s just a lot of people out there sliding around in the woods, it’s a good time.”

“It’s so much fun, just out in the snow getting around, being out in the cold just doing something on what normally is a gloomy day,” Andy hamm, Iowa City resident said. “Just having fun with your friends, drinking a couple beers if that’s what you like to do, and just racing your bikes.”

If this is something you enjoy, the Secretary of Friends of Off-Road Cycling has a message for you.

“People are not aware of the Friends of Off-Road Cycling and how many mountain bike trails there are in this area. We’ve got mountain bike trails in Davenport, we’ve got them in Scott County Park, we’ve got them in Hampton and Port Byron, in Dewitt. So, we encourage people to look up the friends of off-road cycling. It’s Join, ride, enjoy.”

All proceeds from this event benefit Forc to continue maintaining and improving their local trails.

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