Ex-cop Gerald Goines’ attorneys ask judge to throw out indictments

Goines, who faces murder charges and multiple other local and federal charges, made his first public comment since the deadly 2019 Harding Street raid.

HOUSTON — Attorneys for former Houston cop Gerald Goines asked a judge to throw out his indictments Thursday, calling them “defective.”

Goines faces murder charges along with multiple other local and federal charges in connection with an overtime theft scheme by HPD officers. 

It was brought to light after the Harding Street Raid in 2019 that lead to the shooting deaths of Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas. They were shot and killed during the botched raid based on trumped-up charges. Goines and four other officers were also shot but they survived. 

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A massive investigation discovered that dozens of defendants were sent to prison on drug charges based on what prosecutors called “lies” by “dirty cops.”

Goines and five other officers were charged with 15 felonies. He also faces federal organized crime charges. 

“We believe these accusations are missing some very important portions of the law that would provide us with the opportunity to appropriately respond in court,” Goines’ attorney said after the hearing. “The bottom line is that we are entitled to know exactly what we’re dealing with in terms of an accusation so that we can have the opportunity to have a fair fight in a court of law.”

The judge said he will make a decision on Tuesday. Another hearing is scheduled then to hear additional motions for a change of venue and prosecutorial misconduct.

After the hearing, Goines made his first public comment since the whole thing started.

“I just appreciate everything that the court is doing and I appreciate all the prayers,” Goines said.

Harding Street fallout

The district attorney’s office had to reopen hundreds of cases tied to Goines and many of the charges were dropped. 

The most recent case involved Frederick Jeffery who was sentenced to 25 years after his 2018 conviction on drug charges. Jeffery was freed on bond last July. 

“It feels good because I knew from the get-go I was innocent,” said Jeffery seconds after he walked out of jail. “I just had to prove it. God did everything for me. I ain’t did nothing but stay down. I thank God for keeping my mama by my side the whole time. I just want to say I thank God and I’m ready.

Harris County DA Kim Ogg said then that Jeffery’s conviction should be reversed “due to perjury and false evidence” presented by Goines.

Last November, a judge declared him “actually innocent” and apologized for the five-plus years Jeffery spent behind bars.

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