Every Daredevil Deserves Adventure-Ready Travel Insurance

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These days, the right travel insurance can cover more than just canceled flights or lost baggage.

With World Nomads, travelers can go shark cage diving, black water rafting and even glacier walking and know that their adventure could be fully covered. The company can also insure your gear and help you get the proper medical treatment; should you need it.

Designed to back unexpected travel mishaps from shark bites to basic, unforeseen expenses, World Nomads makes every adventure easier.

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World Nomads

The Backstory

World Nomads: They’ve Seen It All

With over 20 years of experience covering gearheads and adventure hounds, World Nomads knows a thing or two about planning for the unexpected.

Their team is travel-obsessed and committed to helping travelers explore the world. They’re also passionate about giving back to the places they’ve traveled to, and allow customers to make a difference by opting for a micro-donation when they purchase an insurance plan.

With flexible insurance and all the safety advice you need to travel confidently, their team is here to help you get the most out of your adventures.

The Gist

What Kind of Trip Warrants Travel Insurance?

In some cases, the answer is obvious – if you’re planning to climb Mount Everest or zip line through the jungle, you’ll probably want to travel insurance.

However, even in the simplest trips a small crisis or injury can set you back several thousand dollars. For example, say you sprain your ankle or chip a tooth – are you prepared to navigate the local hospital system? Alternatively, say a relative falls sick – or worse yet, passes away – and you need to get back home immediately, can you quickly find a flight back and are you okay with being stuck with the cost of the flight?

In either case, World Nomads has your back. Their team can help you find a local provider and even set up direct payments between the relevant medical (or dental) facility. They can also help you rush home to join your family, and reimburse a portion of the sudden expense.

Plus, World Nomads can insure US residents for trips that span as long as 180 days. So whether you’re packing out your favorite camera or booking an extra banana boat ride, take a second to speak with their team to learn how a flexible plan can make all the difference.


World Nomads is Designed for Travelers, by Travelers

It’s rare to find an insurance provider willing to cover zorbing, but with World Nomads, you can really, really do you.

The company also covers more, traditional, activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking and snorkeling and makes it easy to visit more than 140 countries. Travelers can even book their coverage ahead of time, or while they’re already on the road.

All in all, World Nomads can help you push every trip to the edge; so all you have to worry about is whether you’re brave enough to get there.


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