Dwight Capital debuts commercial real estate capital fund

“Given the unprecedented number of loan maturities coming due in the next year, we want to be there to help our partners get through this period of lower-than-expected proceeds and higher-than-expected rates by providing them with solutions that will help them bridge the gap to recapitalization and future stabilization by providing them with creative financing solutions,” said Adam Sasouness, co-founder of Dwight Capital and Dwight Mortgage Trust.

Dwight has partnered with Miami-based private equity firm 27 Capital on this initiative, according to information provided by the company.

“We could not ask for a better partner than Dwight for this strategy. Dwight’s national reach and immense access to capital, along with their loyal and diversified borrower base, is the perfect platform on which to build this strategy,” said Arash Gohari, founder of 27 Capital.

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