Dani Alves' alleged victim's lawyer: Prison without bail is already exemplary, I hope the case ends with a conviction

The lawyer of the 23-year-old girl who has denounced Dani Alves for an alleged sexual assault in a nightclub in Barcelona, Ester Garcia Lopez, has revealed new details of the case.

She has shared that the footballer did not use a condom in the alleged rape and that the young woman had to use antiviral drugs to prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections (STD), that she is under psychiatric treatment and avoids following the news.

“She is receiving psychological support through a public entity specialized in the treatment of victims of violence,” Garcia Lopez told the Brazilian media ‘UOL’.

“The hospital has sent her a complete treatment aimed at avoiding any type of infectious disease, since he did not use a condom,” explained the lawyer in declarations reported by O Globo.

“She also has a pharmacological treatment with anxiolytics to be able to sleep.”

Praise for police

Ester Garcia Lopez pointed out to Talyta Vespa and Thiago Arantes that the quick overnight service of a specialized sex crimes unit in Barcelona allowed the collection of evidence in the case.

“Luckily she left the club by ambulance and went straight to the Central Unit of Sexual Aggressions,” she explained.

“So, unlike most victims of sexual violence, who, because of the trauma, wash their underwear, she did not have time to think about that, she was quickly taken care of, leaving the evidence there.”

The lawyer wanted to clarify that the young woman did not consume alcohol that night.

“She offered a concise statement, without any contradiction, and that is rare,” she explained.

“Many women suffer post-traumatic stress and forget details, they remember later, and that does not invalidate the truth.

“But in her case, that didn’t happen, she remembered everything from the beginning to the end.”

Impressed by judges

“The possibility of Mr. Alves‘ escape, who has a favorable economic condition and dual nationality, were determining factors for his arrest,” she explained.

“Regardless of how the case ends, for me it is already an exemplary case for how it started.

“There are some public figures who think they are above good and evil, who think that no one would ever believe a girl like my client.

“There are many women who do not report crimes when it is a public figure because of the difficulty on an emotional and judicial level.

“But I believe that in this case, however it ends -I hope it ends with a conviction-, the prison without bail is already exemplary.”

What sentence could Dani Alves face in the case of being found guilty?

Dani Alves faces an alleged crime of sexual assault.

According to the victim’s statement, which the investigating judge considers “forceful and persistent”, the player forced himself on her in a bathroom located in a reserved area of the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona on the night of December 30 to 31.

After the last legislative amendment to the ‘Law of yes means yes’, the penalties range between four and 12 years in prison when the aggression consists of violent rape vaginally, anally or orally.

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