Andrew Tate’s lawyer casts doubt over Adin Ross visiting him in custody – Dexerto

Published: 2023-01-20T16:36:20

Updated: 2023-01-20T16:36:28

Andrew Tate’s lawyer has cast doubt over Twitch star Adin Ross being able to visit the influencer in Romanian custody despite being added to his visitor list.

Since his arrest at the end of 2022, Andrew Tate has remained detained in Romanian custody despite efforts to appeal and claims that there is no evidence of his alleged crimes.

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Tate recently revealed that he put Twitch streamer Adin Ross on his visitor list, and Ross quickly revealed that he’s working on organizing a trip to Romania soon.

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However, Andrew Tate’s lawyer has cast doubt over whether or not Adin Ross would be permitted to actually visit the controversial influencer.

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Adin Ross recently shaved his head after making a deal with Andrew Tate on stream before his arrest.

Andrew Tate’s lawyer casts doubt on Adin Ross visit

On January 20, Andrew Tate’s defense attorney commented on the Romanian publication Gandul regarding the Twitch star’s possible visit to Tate.

“I received this information yesterday. I visited Andrew yesterday evening, but I did not ask him,” said Eugen Vidineac. “From my point of view, he does not have the opportunity to visit Andrew because they are not related, so the prosecutor did not grant a request.”

Although the attorney isn’t the one to make the final call on whether or not Adin will be allowed to visit Andrew, fans are still left to wonder whether or not the visit will happen.

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If met with any issues, though, Adin now has more time to figure out the logistics around the visit as Andrew Tate’s 30-day detention was extended to February 27, making it a total of 60 days in Romanian custody.

Tate’s assets are still being held by authorities, including his iconic orange Bugatti Chiron.

Neither Andrew nor Adin have commented on the pending visit since his lawyer’s comment, but we’ll be sure to update this article if they do.

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