An Insurance Lawyer Estimates the Costly Damage in the Batman Car Chase Sequence

An insurance lawyer reveals the estimated damage costs of The Batman’s car chase sequence with the Penguin.

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In a recent video by Vanity Fair, insurance lawyer Stacey Giulianti broke down the estimated costs of some of the most destructive scenes in comic book media. These sequences included the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Prime Video series The Boys. Still, the most notable price tag was The Batman’s car chase scene which had a shockingly high estimated cost of damage.

2022’s The Batman is a Matt Reeves-directed film that offers a gritty look at the iconic comic book hero’s second year as a crime fighter in Gotham. The movie was Robert Pattinson’s first time stepping into the role of Bruce Wayne. The Batman’s star-studded cast included ZoĆ« Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, Andy Serkis, and Colin Farrell.


In the scene viewed by Giulianti, Pattinson’s dark knight goes up against Farrell’s Penguin in an epic car chase sequence. The chase scene causes plenty of destruction, a notably recurring theme of comic book movies.

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Stacey Giulianti Said the Damage Costs Would Be ‘Well Over $1,000,000’

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While watching the scene, the insurance lawyer explained to viewers how the Penguin’s behavior would hold up in a court of law if something like this were to happen in real life. Giulianti also counted the various vehicles that obtained damage as a result of the villainous character’s reckless driving. Ultimately the insurance lawyer wrote off each car as a total loss and estimated that the total cost of damage for The Batman’s car chase sequence would be “well over $1,000,000.”

Giulianti said, “The Penguin, not negligently, but intentionally, caused an accident in order to throw his pursuers off of his trail. In terms of property damage, you have the value of the tractor trailer, which appeared to be carrying fuel, at least three or four other trucks, along with private vehicles damaged. Each one would have been total loss, no doubt in my mind. So you’re talking well over a million dollars in damage.”

While it’s clear that The Batman’s car chase sequence causes serious damage, it’s far from the most severe destruction in the movie, as Gotham City is later flooded as a part of the Riddler’s master plan. Unsurprisingly, the MCU and the DC universe are well-known for featuring moments of mass destruction in their storylines. However, there seems to be little to no consequences for the heroes and villains who cause the destruction. Still, regarding The Batman’s car chase scene, the Penguin’s complete disregard for safety while plowing through a highway of Gotham’s citizens only highlights the character’s criminal tendencies. Fans can see Farrell return to the role when his HBO Max series The Penguin arrives on the streaming platform.

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