Aaron Carter’s Estate Sued By Wells Fargo Over Credit Debt


The estate of late singer Aaron Carter is being sued for several thousand dollars by Wells Fargo.

According to the legal documents obtained exclusively by The Blast, Wells Fargo Bank has filed a creditor’s claim against the “I Want Candy” singer’s estate in the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles. The legal papers state that Aaron’s estate owes the bank exactly $2,887.51.

Wells Fargo Says Aaron Carter’s Estate Owes Them Thousands Of Dollars!

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Aaron Carter’s Estate Sued By Wells Fargo Over Credit Debt

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According to legal documents obtained exclusively by The Blast, Wells Fargo Bank filed paperwork on January 18, 2023. The creditor’s claim was filed in the county Superior Court of California in the county of Los Angeles. The bank seeks $2,887.51 from the late singer’s estate.

Wells Fargo reduced the basis for the claim down to one sentence. In the filing, they wrote, “this claim is based on an account for goods and/or services in the amount of $2887.51” as evidenced by an account ending in 4304. A judge overseeing Aaron Carter’s estate now has to approve or deny the claim.

Unfortunately, it’s not the only legal work that the “Sooner Or Later” singer’s estate has to deal with. Earlier this week, The Blast reported that Aaron Carter’s estate and his fiancée Melanie Martin are listed as defendants in a new lawsuit filed by Sterile Pros, LLC., who did biohazardous remediation work at their Lancaster home last year.

Melanie Martin And Aaron Carter’s Estate Named In New Biohazardous Remediation Lawsuit

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According to new court documents obtained by The Blast, a “mechanic’s lien” has been placed on the home that Melanie Martin and the “I’m All About You” singer shared in Lancaster, California. Sterile Props, LLC. claims that the company has yet to be reimbursed for biohazardous remediation work done on the home.

In the court papers, Sterile Pros, LLC. claims the lien is for “labor, services, equipment, and/or materials upon the premises, and upon every estate or interest in such structures and improvements.” The company explains that they performed remediation services on three bedrooms, a master bathroom, and a closet. The company is seeking to be reimbursed for $33,598.70 for the equipment, labor, and services they say they provided.

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Although Aaron Carter is listed as the owner of the property, Melanie Martin is listed on the contract as she also resided in the home. According to the company, they acquired the material and did the work at the request of either Aaron or Melanie and now want to be reimbursed for the work.

If the estate plans to sell the house where the late singer once lived, they are going to have to settle the mechanic’s lien first.

Carter’s Death Is Still Under Investigation

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On November 5, 2022, the father-of-one was found dead in his home at the age of 34. Although he was located in the bathtub, Melanie Martin and Aaron’s mother, Jane Carter, believe that the “Leave It Up To Me” singer passed away from a drug overdose.

Although an autopsy was performed on his body, the toxicology report has yet to be made available. The two recently spoke to TMZ and revealed that the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office told them that they found no water in his lungs, which would eliminate drowning as a potential cause of death.

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At the time of his passing, law enforcement officials told TMZ that they found multiple cans of compressed air around his bedroom and bathroom, as well as prescription pills.

In 2019, in an episode of The Doctors, the “Don’t Say Goodbye” singer, then 31, admitted to having an addiction to huffing, which he called “something that I’ve kept secret from the whole world until now.”

“I was huffing because I was really f— stupid and sad but this is really no excuse,” he admitted at the time. “I was huffing because I’m a drug addict.” During the episode, host Dr. Travis Stork also revealed that a urine sample Aaron provided also “tested positive for marijuana, extended opiates, hydrocodone as an example, and benzodiazepine.”

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However, his family does not believe that huffing compressed air resulted in his passing. At this time, the toxicology report has yet to be made available and Aaron Carter’s cause of death has yet to be confirmed.

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